AVO LOVE DIY Clay Slime Tub



A fun tub of DIY Dream Jelly!

In this set of slimes you will get:

  • a tub of cream soda scented stretchy basic slime
  • a little tub of pearlescent light green pigment slime
  • a clay waffle sprinkled with tiny avocado fimo slices
  • an avo & pink glitter heart charms

The idea is to mix the whole lot together to make your own thick & stretchy clay slime

Start by adding the pigment slime as a topping to the white slime & then pop your clay waffle on top

Poke, mix & stretch and knead it all together to achieve the end result light green clay slime texture!


All Dream Jelly slimes are made with non-toxic glue. We use a borax based activator which can be a short term irritant to the skin. Slime is not to be ingested. Recommended for ages 4+


Additional information


200 ml


Green, White

Slime Variant

Clay Slime

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