BIRTHDAY BOX (Personalisation Option)



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This large Dream Jelly Slime Palette box contains a variety of 12 mini slimes

Each one in its own 50ml container that can be removed to play with individually

We think these are ideal for birthday presents & so we also offer a personalization option on them

For R350 we’ll add a name to the box and pop in a little palette of glitters & charms for the birthday boy or girl to enjoy!


Pls add the name you would like us to personalise your box in the additional notes section when you pay & checkout


Additional information

Care Comments

All Dream Jelly slimes are made with non-toxic glue. We use a borax based activator which can be a short term irritant to the skin.
Slime can last for up to two years if kept clean and in a sealed container when not being played with. Slime is not to be ingested. Recommended for ages 4+