PIZZA PIE Slime Mixing Kit


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These kits are designed for free play – where you can mix and decorate as you like, as little or as many items in the box at a time – or even mix it all together in one go!

Each kit contains:

  • a bag of clear slime
  • a bag of basic white slime
  • a tub of coloured and scented jelly slime
  • 2 bags of coloured clay
  • an activator dropper bottle
  • a charm, glitters and foam ball bits and bobs for decorating

Every slime in the kit is already pre-made – all you have to do is mix the contents together for some fun!

Each kit is unique – as we make them up to order so exact contents and colours will vary slightly from these pictured here


All Dream Jelly slimes are made with non-toxic glue. We use a borax based activator which can be a short term irritant to the skin. Slime is not to be ingested. Recommended for ages 4+