SOME BUNNY loves YOU a latte Slime Activity Box


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Calling all coffee fans – this box’s for you!


A big Easter & latte inspired box of slimey fun


You’ll also receive the following goodies in your box:

  • a 150ml tub of Dream Jelly caramel & white basic slime
  • a 100ml tub of cherry scented pearly pink Dream Jelly clear slime
  • an 80ml tub of cloud slime dusted lightly in glitter flakes
  • a little Easter egg of neon pink floam clay
  • a bunny charm & coffee cup planar
  • little glitter tubs, fimo slices & packet of pom poms
  • the cutest fluffy bunny key ring & pink chicken squishy toy
  • a 30ml activator bottle to add to sticky slime



All Dream Jelly slimes are made with non-toxic glue. We use a borax based activator which can be a short term irritant to the skin. Slime is not to be ingested. Recommended for ages 4+