Lockdown in South Africa in 2020 brought about many hours at home, with my daughter, experimenting and learning to make various slime recipes.  

 She then went on to share her creations with her friends at a slime making play date we held when they were all back at school.

 The fun and fabulous feedback we received at this playdate inspired us to start making slime to sell – bringing about a new slime adventure.

 Her name means ’to dream’ and thus our little slime adventure is named after her – the inspiration for it all!

My daughter and I spend lots of quality one-on-one time together, packing orders and preparing the contents of our mixing kits.

We ensure that our products are of good quality.  All Dream Jelly slimes are made with non-toxic glue. As you can see, we are very creative and pay special attention to detail.

Slime is quite a sensory experience. Combining touch, textures, awesome colour combinations and scents to our slime brings about a whole fabulous world of SLIME FUN!

Our slime is a definite fun-filled experience for slime lover’s and we have seen an increase in mom’s using our slime, with their children, for the calming and therapeutic benefits slime can bring to little hands.