Review of our Clay Donut Slime & Doughnut Slime Mixing kit

“I was recently gifted with this gorgeous Donut slime as well as a slime mixing kit from @dreamjelly_sa.
They are a local mom and daughter slime business that sell gorgeous slime and slime kits for kiddies (and adults if you like me and get as much enjoyment out of slime as your kids 😊)

Firstly, I was honoured to be approached by a local brand to review their slime and secondly, I had been following them for a few weeks so I was very keen to give their slime a try. 

Their gift arrived at the perfect time, the day before my daughter started grade 1 so I kept the gift and gave it to her as a Happy First Day of Grade 1 gift. 
She got homework on her first day so I sneakily used the gift as an encouragement to get her to eat all her dinner and do her homework – boy did she eat every last crumb on her plate 😂 
Before I was contacted by @dreamjelly_sa I had shown my daughter their donut slime so when she opened the gift she was SO excited to get the donut slime and couldn’t want to get playing. 

The donut is made from clay and you mix it into the jelly slime, it changes the colours and the texture of the jelly slime as you play. 
I really loved the texture of this brands slimes. We didn’t need to add any activator to the slimes, they were the perfect stickiness and stretch for us. 
My daughter had an absolute blast playing with these slimes. 

Some tips when playing with slimes: 
* wash your hands first,
* use a clean surface, 
* once finished, store in an airtight container, this allows you to then play with your slime over and over again 
* we have a dedicated time and space for playing with slime in our household, it means that I am able to enjoy the time with my daughter and also be there to stop any slime creating havoc, like getting onto couches and carpets 🤣 but mostly it’s our special one on one time together. 
* before we take the slime out the tub, I always check it first and if it is very sticky, I add activator, this also helps ‘control’ the slime. 

If you have been unsure about getting slime for your kids, I would highly recommend you try out @dreamjelly_sa their slimes are a great consistency especially for newbies.”

Review of our Slime Making Holiday Club 

Slimy fun! 

My kids recently attended a slime workshop hosted by my friend Lana from @dreamjelly_sa 
and I not only saw the pure enjoyment but also learnt how good it is for little ones! 🌈 

It is an amazing, tactile sensory experience, it also promotes mindfulness and being ‘in the moment’, helps children focus, encourages them to play independently, promotes fine motor skills, and is actually quite calming! ❤️

If your little person experiences anxiety from time to time or is nervous in certain situations, giving them some slime to play with maybe a great solution to calm their nerves. 

Have a look at the various options of @dreamjelly_sa kits available for you to make slime at home with your little ones!

Review of our Christmas Slime Mixing box.

“I saw @funkids_hillcrest playing with the most amazing slime a couple of weeks ago and immediately checked out @dreamjelly_sa ‘s account! 
Amélie is sensorially very sensitive and her tactile sense is just one of her senses that I try to stimulate. 
In the last year we have come very far – part of which I ascribe to an emphasis on sensory play and tactile learning. 
Personally I too cannot actually handle the texture of slime but these beautiful kits were candy to my eyes and I just had to give it a try! 
Amélie absolutely loved mixing all the ingredients together and commented on the various textures each stage of the process being about. 
The addition of beautiful glitter, teeny weeny little Christmas confetti and tiny coloured balls was just the cherry on top, of course! 

What makes this kit so fantastic is the fact that all the elements are individually packaged so a little person can work entirely independent without your assistance (but, of course, with your supervision). 
All the materials are non-toxic too! 

Thank you, @dreamjelly_sa for the best Christmas fun! 
We opted for the Red Christmas box, but there are so many that you can choose from and the price is very competitive too. 

PS: This review is not sponsored in any way. It is just a lovely product and ideal for holiday entertainment that I wished to share! 

Review of our Valentine’s Slime Mixing box

Review from Teri Row of @choosearow

 💖 Valentine’s gift for kids 💕

We have recently been gifted the most amazing box from @dreamjelly_sa it has kept Skylar busy for most of the morning as she mixes and creates. 

The attention to detail is delightful.
Skylar is not into some of her school work. 
And this morning she was dragging her heels to do the task given. 
So I pulled the @dreamjelly_sa box out and she has been happily sitting for a while playing away. 
Sooooo awesome.

So if you are thinking of getting your kids something to celebrate the day…. and keep them very busy… get your orders in quick sticks. 


Review of our Bug Slime Mixing Kit

We received an exciting gift from @dreamjelly_sa to celebrate Bentleys birthday. ✨

We had such fun with this Jelly and Slime Kit; squishing, bashing, poking and even throwing it in the air and catching it like a ball. 😊 
He enjoyed burring the little creatures in the slime and finding them again. It entertained him for ages. I loved playing with it just as much as he did. ✨

This little box was filled with so many beautiful bits and pieces to decorate the slime. We mixed everything together. It comes with clear and white slime bags and two clay colours. You can be creative and choose which colours you would like to mix. ✨

It comes with activator drops. As soon as you feel the slime getting a little bit sticky you add a few drops and it makes it feel silky smooth all over again. Our slime was such a lovely texture and consistency to play with throughout the week. ✨

There is also a tub of Dream Jelly that you can add sparkles and glitter to. I love that this kit allows for so much freedom and creativity in the making and decorating process. We had endless hours of fun and giggles exploring. ✨

Head over to @dreamjelly_sa and have a look at all of their beautiful items. Each one is unique. There are so many to choose from. ✨

Thank you, Lana and Reve from Dream Jelly, for your kindness and generosity in spoiling us with this beautiful gift. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment making and playing with our slime and jelly. ✨